As young feminists, we must place unconditional acceptance of our bodies at the top of our political agenda. We must claim our bodies as our own to love and honor in their infinite shapes and sizes. Fat, thin, soft, hard, puckered, smooth, our bodies are our homes. By nourishing our bodies, we care for and love ourselves on the most basic level. When we deny ourselves physical food, we go hungry emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and politically. We must challenge ourselves to eat and digest, and allow society to call us too big. We will understand their message to mean too powerful.
I had been willing to accept self-sabotage, but now I refused to sacrifice myself to a society that profited from my pain… Gazing into the mirror at my emaciated body, I observed a woman held up by her culture as the physical ideal because she was starving, self-obsessed and powerless, a woman called beautiful because she threatened no one except herself… As long as society resists female power, fashion will call healthy women physically flawed. As long as society accepts the sexual, physical, and economic abuse of women, popular culture will prefer women who resemble little girls. Sitting in the hospital the summer before my college graduation, I grasped the absurdity of a nation of adult women dying to be small.